20.7.2018 Clouds and Mountains over Greenland.
21.7.2018 View on Toronto from Center Island.
Center Island: Idyllic relief from Toronto's city.
The South Seas? - Lake Ontario.
Island, City and happy tourists.
Wallpaper 1.
22.7.2018 Niagra Falls.
Water mass on the Canadian side.
After storms in the morning finally the permission to take off.
Our first helicopter flight. The little money is totally worth it.
2832 m³ Water/s.
Whirpool Rapids.
23.7.2018 Made it to the hall of fame.
About 67 years earlier...
Gino's Pizza. Sweet, hot and a lot.
Airbnb in Toledo.
29.7.2018 Scenic drive to Rocky Mountain National Park.
Heavy pack on our first backpacking stage.
30.7.2018 Our tent is right. We arrived in the dark and could not see our own hands.
Lonesome glacial lakes.
Drinking water all around.
Fern Lake.
Rural architecture.
Nearly caught it.
Quiet woods.
Way back to our camp.
Does a belly make the backpack lighter?
Wallpaper 2.
They call them Rocky Mountains.
Panoramic roof toilet.
31.7.2018 Ferry's forest.
Drive along the continental divide.
No jam, no stress. I like that traffic.
Looking for moose at Grand Lake.
Along Colorado River.
Scenic drives instead of highways.
1.8.2018 Grand Mesa Ntl. Forest awaking.
Cold lakes for swimming and fishing.
Breakfast without fish.
Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.
On our way to Moab.
Wild West feeling.
Our "soccer mum car".
No oncoming traffic today.
High plateau of Arches Ntl. Park.
First discoveries in Arches by car.
Water and erosion shape the landscape.
Rocks fresh out of the cookie jar.
Wallpaper 3.
They call it "Arches".
Back to summer.
Climbing Delicate Arch.
It looks quite tiny.
Basin before Delicate Arch.
The delicacy.
Stone turrets help finding the trails.
Sunset over the prairie.
2.8.2018 Pleasant anticipation at sunrise.
Escaping heat in early morning.
Landscape Arch.
More red rocks and green bushes.
Sense of delight on Devil's Garden trailhead.
A little step for me,...
Wide land.
Double Arch.
Our new selfie stick in action.
Trailfinding Level 2.
Soon leaving arches...
...and going to Canyonlands.
Giant fossil mushrooms.
3.8.2018 Daybreak at the camp.
Not many tourists around.
Quickening the appetite for a pancake stack.
Lost our way a little.
Tiny and giant stone turrets.
Is it cow dung?
Film setting in Monuments Valley.
4.8.2018 Approaching Grand Canyon.
Grand Canyon South Rim.
View to North Rim.
Next time we'll cross that canyon.
This time we content ourselves with the view.
Wallpaper 4.
Nice skin colour far away from the beach.
Wallpaper 5.
Wallpaper 6.
Fires near North Rim.
5.8.2018 We made it to the North Rim.
Beautiful hikes at the Rim.
Evokes memories of the Chinese Wall.
Just saw a mountain lion before dinner in Coconino Ntl. Forrest.
6.8.2018 Bryce Canyon.
Wallpaper 7.
Ready for backpacking?
Arriving at Coral Hollow to stay the night.
7.8.2018 Again we had to set up the tent in the dark.
Wallpaper 8.
Marble cake.
Arches. Again.
The famous hoodoos.
Sunset Point.
Hoodoo and human shadows.
8.8.2018 Cedar Breaks Ntl. Monument
Wallpaper 9.
Cedar Breaks National Monument.
Cedar Breaks rear view.
Wallpaper 9.
Burned trees from wildfires.
Zion Ntl. Park. Trees and cactus family.
Discovery by shuttle.
Quick shot out of the shuttle.
Sleep at Kolob Reservoire.
Huge dandelion?
Only light baggage.
Just a little dram.
Into the woods.
Got caps and sunglasses.
Hop Valley trail.
Beautiful but toxic.
Wet feet.
Wallpaper 10.
Descent at the end of hop valley.
Approaching drinking water.
Set up our private oasis.
Right next La Verkin Creek.
La Verkin.
10.8.2018 Difficult goodbye.
A little nap after lunch.
Entering the desert in Nevada.
Hot wind burns in our eyes.
Valley of fire.
Our hottest night.
Art next to our tent.
Wallpaper 11.
Las Vegas in three hours.
Nothing but well-behaved.
Death Valley.
Looks like vanilla ice cream.
Wallpaper 12.
Glistening sunlight.
The thermometer does not lie.
Heat all around.
12.8.2018 Morning in Lone Pine.
Mountains of Sequoia Ntl. Forest.
Wallpaper 13.
Wallpaper 14.
Three Rivers on our way to Sequoia Ntl. Park.
Relaxed driving.
Enchanted forest.
13.8.2018 Scenic drive through King's canyon.
General Sherman...
... largest living tree in this world.
Elysian view.
Climbing Moro Rock.
Gathering clouds.
That view!
Ascending to heaven.
That's California!
Resistance against wildfire.
14.8.2018 Back in action with choreographer J.J. Todd.
Walt Disney Concert Hall.
Urban beauty.
The famous Holywood sign.
This city is full of energy.
Hogwarts in Universal Theme Park.
Pictures from our road trip 2018. We combined ATG festival in Chicago with Cotati Accordion Festival near San Francisco and had the time of our life.
All pictures taken by Leonie Kratz & Matthias Matzke.
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